Mad Rabbits Riot Club

In the early days of Ethereum, Mad Rabbits roamed free on the blockchain searching for rewards. As volume increased, blocks became rich, sacred territory... until the great fork. The Mad Rabbits were hashed into fractured groups, depicted by iconic gangs from history, each hellbent on staking their claim to new blocks - no matter the cost. However, not all were this fortunate; some unlucky rabbits went to jail, hashed into the blockchain forever.

Mad Rabbits Riot Club is a harrowing, yet rewarding, venture into a raucous world of ETH heists, turf wars, secret gatherings... and occasionally jail time. Only 7,500 programmatically generated rabbits exist, and holders of each NFT will be able to participate in unique events that may continuously increase the rarity of their Mad Rabbit over time.

This is a premium-art profile picture project, bridging the world's of digital fine art and collectibles. We're here for the ART.

Phase 1

Mad Rabbits released October 12th 2021, with 7,500 generative rabbits, each with their own unique traits selected from over 150 available - including expressions and facial features, outfit, head-ware, and various other accessories.

Mad Rabbit's also partnered with 11 incredibly talented artists who've made huge splashes across a plethora of NFT genres: DotPigeon, Young & Sick, Shakkablood,, Drew Amato, Jason Seife, Donkeeboy, Sam Madhu, Ted Chin, Vexx, La+ch, and Tom Yoo. These artists provided unique 1/1 pieces for a series of charity auctions hosted on Nifty Gateway - each showcasing their own style and adding to the Mad Rabbit universe.

Finally, DeFi Society Studio launched the Burrow Pass by legendary music producer LA+CH, the futureproof access pass to all DeFi Society Studio ventures.

Phase 2

Mad Rabbits Gang Wars launched April 14th, 2022, allowing all MRRC holders to participate in Gangification - a one-of-a-kind minting event and the Riot Room's innovative take of "choose-your-own-adventure". Gangification allowed holders to mint a NEW rabbit complete with an entirely new set of traits - some random, some directly tethered to traits of the rabbit being gangified. Gangs will be tied in heavily to the lore of Mad Rabbits, but will not be required for your rabbit, should you choose to keep it's original traits.